Thee Twisted Times Ov Bella Basura



Chapter One – In the Bordello

Chapter Two – Opium Lover

Chapter Three – Blabbliography in Psychogeography

Chapter Four – Pissoir Confessionals Part 3

Chapter Five – La Movida

Chapter Six – Edith Neurotoxin’s Paradise Pissed

Chapter Seven – Doc Gordon Tripp’s Acid Birthday Jaunt

Chapter Eight – In the Bed of God’s Mother

Chapter Nine – Spike Dreams

Chapter Ten – The Supernatural Confessions of Edith Anthrax

Chapter Eleven – In The Bordello, Still


Thee Twisted Times Ov Bella Basura


A Proposal

The Twisted Times novel is an eleven chaptered excursion through a series of physically, chemically and psychickally altered states, filtered through the subjective and distorted lens of the narrator – Bella Basura…more